Belonging to the IC not only gives you elevated professional status - and letters after your name - but access to a range of exclusive benefits that help you win and conduct business


Why join the IC?

It makes good business sense to belong and will have a direct benefit on your bottom line. Get the recognition you deserve for your skills and experience as well as access to a whole host of resources. 

Practice or personal membership?

Whether you are embarking on your consulting career, an experienced practitioner, or employee of a consulting practice, we support you in all aspects of your working life and career development. 

As a personal member of the IC you benefit from a comprehensive range of products and services. Membership pays for itself many times over, not only in monetary terms but in the incalculable effect it has in reinforcing your credentials and facilitating your career development.

Practice membership of the Institute of Consulting is open to any organisation offering consulting or advisory services externally or internally. As a way of evidencing their credibility our Practice Members share a commitment to enhancing people and organisational performance through cross-industry debate, support and learning which IC membership provides.

How to join

Personal membership starts from as little as £50 for those still in education. Use our membership wizard to determine which grade is right for you. The cost of practice membership operates on a sliding scale depending on the number of consultants in your organisation. Prices start at £250.

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